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Take a look at these simple case studies to see the benefit Immersyve brings:

Warner Brothers wanted a well-defined framework on player psychology and value that was proven to sustain engagement so they could guide creative work on a new title.

They also wanted the tools to objectively measure whether their development efforts were succeeding with players. Immersyve provided both, and the result was a breakout hit game that won in the marketplace and excited players and critics alike.

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Johnson and Johnson had an awesome idea for an innovative exercise app, but knew it needed to really stand out to win with customers in a crowded marketplace

They asked Immersyve to provide Motivational Design services to work with the creative team that was developing the 7 Minute Workout app. The result? Over a million downloads and counting, with Apple featuring the app both online and in a national TV spot. The real winners are the wide population of customers who are now empowered for greater health and wellness.

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Prudential cares deeply about people saving enough to have a happy life in retirement. They turned to Immersyve for two things: Motivational Design consultation to help them develop a mobile app that would better engage even young workers to save more. And top-level, quantitative research to prove the motivational approach was working.

The results were remarkable: Savings rates doubled, improving the outlook for thousands of workers by increasing retirement contributions by millions of dollars.

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Is Immersyve right for your business?

Probably. Because motivating and sustaining engagement with customers, employees, and clients is universal – regardless of what you do. You absolutely care about it because it is related to almost every key performance indicator in most businesses. In fact, our clients include household names across multiple industries, including health care (Johnson & Johnson), online retail (Amazon), media and entertainment (Electronic Arts, Turner, Warner Brothers), technology (IBM), financial services, and many others. Why not reach out to us and see what we might do together for you?

Health Care Case Study

How to get your app featured on a national Apple TV add and generate a boatload of customers

Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout


Johnson and Johnson developed a workout program that people could do in a matter of minutes wherever they were. They were ready to enter one of the most crowded markets for mobile apps: Personal Health and Fitness. To compete, they would need to have an app that stood out from the pack and gave customers something engaging and useful.

What Immersyve Did:

Johnson and Johnson gave us a call to help with the design of what became one of the year’s most successful personal fitness apps: The 7 Minute Workout™. Immersyve and J&J collaborated on wireframes and experiential flows. Our partnership ensured optimization for motivation and engagement. The result was Johnson and Johnson’s “flagship” workout app, which was a breakout success when it hit the market.

Proof of Impact:

Hundreds of thousands of people downloaded the app in the first month alone. Apple chose it as one of their “Featured” Health related apps. Better still, Apple chose to feature it in a national television ad campaign touting the power of mobile apps for health. These results outperformed all expectations. Immersyve continues to work with Johnson and Johnson on design and development that maximizes motivation and sustains engagement.

If improving employee motivation, patient engagement, or corporate wellness matters to you, let’s talk.

Video Game Case Study

How we helped an awesome creative team apply proven motivational techniques to supercharge engagement

Shadow of Mordor


When Warner Brothers wanted to build a breakout game based on the Lord of the Rings franchise, they had a challenge on their hands. The stark reality is that the vast majority of video games will fail. As a further challenge, in today’s market titles that are based on beloved narratives have strong expectations – and thus are at even greater risk.

So WB Games turned to Immersyve to help them understand the complex psychology of player engagement. The goal was to assist in creating an innovative design that excited players (and critics) in order to beat the odds and deliver Warner Brothers a breakthrough success.

What Immersyve Did:

Immersyve worked side by side with the full design team, coaching them in our “Player Experience of Need Satisfaction” (PENS) framework and working with them to ensure the game sustained engagement and excitement in players. We reviewed early plans and prototypes, helping the creative teams iterate designs to optimize motivation. Out of this collaboration, WB created the “Nemesis” system: A truly unique and engaging system that creates dynamic and highly compelling gameplay.

But that was just the start. By also providing Warner Brothers with clear metrics to gauge player engagement and motivation, Immersyve playtesting was able to show that the system excelled at satisfying the core motivational needs in our PENS model. Simply put, Immersyve provided not only a clear engagement framework, but also the data systems that objectively validated that the creative team’s ingenuity was right on target.


The game was a hit. Market performance put it squarely in the winner’s circle. Critics immediately credited the systems WB and Immersyve worked so hard to refine as the reason. The game received some of the highest reviews of any console game released that year. It won over 40 industry awards, including “Game of the Year.” And most importantly, the game outperformed its financial projections.

As a result, an exciting and lucrative new franchise has been born for Warner Brothers. Immersyve continues to work with this team and others at WB on multiple projects, as it has for over eight years.

If this is the kind of story you’d like to see for your project, let’s talk.

Financial Services Case Study

How we helped an awesome creative team apply proven motivational techniques to supercharge engagement

Prudential Retirement


Prudential – a Fortune 100 financial services company – wanted to solve a critical problem: Thousands of people retire daily, and the majority don’t have enough saved. To help people save more (and save sooner), Prudential created a program that assessed finances and recommended strategies to increase contributions to retirement savings plans. Current customers could even make changes to their savings plan right from their phones.

The tool was a success, but Prudential realized it could be better. It could reach more people, including younger workers who most often don’t think about retirement. Despite savings being important for us all, motivation and engagement for retirement is a particular challenge for those in their 20s and 30s.

So Prudential issued Immersyve a challenge: Assist in redesigning the tool using our motivational framework so that we double the success rate within one year. The net result would be thousands of people on a better track to retirement, and millions of dollars of extra funds under management.

Immersyve deployed its Motivational Design Framework ™ to guide the development team in the redesign. We worked alongside the creative team and software engineers throughout the development process to deepen intrinsic motivational and engagement on the part of the customers. The results were remarkable.

What Immersyve Did:

A preliminary research project employed Immersyve’s “Personal Experience of Need Satisfaction” (PENS) metrics to gauge the motivational profile of the tool. Immersyve was able to objectively identify where customers were feeling controlled versus supported, and focused on specific redesign features that were laser-focused on improving outcomes. As just one example, the original tool asked:

  • When will you retire?
  • How long will you be retired?

Think about that. In essence, at its core this is asking people to know the unknowable:

  • When are you going to die?
  • How much money will you need to survive until then?

As silly as this may seem, it is pretty standard in the industry. Immersyve’s framework then inverted the tool’s focus from extrinsic, controlling (even scary) tactics and instead emphasized intrinsic values, like personal growth, health, community affiliation, etc.  For example, a national ad campaign inspired by Immersyve’s work asked:

If you could get paid do to what you love, what would you do?

The company was able to tie financial goals to what mattered most to people – doing what they love. Those type of intrinsic goals are what Immersyve’s research has shown to be motivating and engaging. In other words, they were no longer asking customers how they were going to survive, instead they were offering users the opportunity to thrive.


Proof of Impact:

Findings showed that using Immersyve’s model was a home run. The new tool had customers “leaning forward,” excited about retirement, and ready to take action.

For this project, Immersyve consulted with key stakeholders and trained the design team in Immersyve’s model. We tested ideas through our metrics and framework to be sure we were on track. Analysis of those tests surfaced several actionable insights. Design implications ranged from language, to UI, to marketing.

But the real proof is in the results.  After rolling out the tool, the results met or exceeded the high bar set by senior management. For example:

  • There was more than 100% increase in retirement savings contributions, doubling the success of the tool, and resulting in millions in extra savings.
  • There was a sharp rise in participation among millennials
  • As a result, Fortune magazine singled out the retirement business unit as having a banner year.

The results led to new ways of thinking about retirement for thousands of professionals within the company. We continue to partner in deep engagements on marketing, training and design.

If this is a story you’d like to see for your organization, let’s talk.

Become a Master of Motivation


We all want to be happy. Easy to say, but often tricky to achieve. Organizations pursue universal and elusive goals every day, such as “customer satisfaction,” “motivation,” and “deeper engagement.” When you’re in front of a white board or staring at your computer trying to translate these goals into reality, the task can be daunting.
Immersyve has more success in understanding how to reach these goals than any other firm. In fact, the Immersyve founding team includes Edward Deci and Richard Ryan creators of the leading scientific theory of motivation in the world – Self-Determination Theory – regularly used in thousands of empirical studies to predict sustained engagement, value, and well-being. Google it yourself and you’ll see what we mean. Ed, Rich, and the Immersyve team harness this model and fuse it with leading-edge market research in order to:

    • Train you in the core principles of motivation, basic need satisfaction, and sustained engagement, and how these principles specifically apply within your domain (e.g. health care, entertainment, education, management)

    • Provide you with the best (and worst) case examples of how to engage and motivate your target audience in order to achieve desired goals and avoid motivational pitfalls.

    • Work directly with your team – including program developers, designers, marketing, and communications professionals – by rolling up our sleeves and tackling engagement strategies right along side you. We help optimize your content and product planning and align proven principles of motivation and engagement to the goals you have set.

Contact us to learn more about our consultative services, workshops, and training or to discuss our other services such as motivational design and customer experience research.

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Empower Your Organization With Actionable Data


Organizations need every advantage they can get to reduce risk and ensure success in their decisions over what to create and how to best offer it to their customers. Simply put, many times millions of dollars are at stake. And winning the lasting attention of customers has never been harder. At the core of winning or losing is knowing why your audience values what you are offering them. You need to know whether your offerings have true promise in meeting needs that will build loyalty and change behavior. In other words, you need to be measuring the deeper experience of your audience. Here’s the exciting part: You don’t need to rely on the opinions of a handful of customers in focus groups. You can measure the experience of customers more precisely, and at scale. After all, The strength of your customer experience should match the strength of your business intelligence data. Immersyve’s methodology ensures that you are best positioned for success.

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Unleash World-Class Motivational Design

As anyone in development knows, it is always easiest to make the right design decisions at the early stages of a project, versus making changes late in the game. Over the last ten years, Immersyve has assembled a veteran team of developers, designers, and interactive architects who collaborate with clients like you to assemble designs, wireframes, and customer experience flows that have motivational science as an essential part of your project’s DNA. Because we have such a well-articulated model for both acquiring and retaining customers, we bring a unique approach to the creative process. Lets work together to win more audience, maximize value for each of your customers, and bring lasting engagement and behavior change.

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