Because customer motivation is universal, our clients include the very best across multiple industries, including Johnson and Johnson (health care), Electronic Arts (interactive entertainment), Prudential (financial services), Amazon (online sales), Warner Brothers (traditional entertainment), and many others


Become a master of motivation


We all want to be happy. Easy to say, but often tricky to achieve. Organizations pursue universal and elusive goals every day, such as “customer satisfaction,” “motivation,” and “deeper engagement.” When you’re in front of a white board or staring at your computer trying to translate these goals into reality, the task can be daunting.


Immersyve has more success in understanding how to reach these goals than any other firm. In fact, the Immersyve founding team includes Edward Deci and Richard Ryan creators of the leading scientific theory of motivation in the world – Self-Determination Theory – regularly used in thousands of empirical studies to predict sustained engagement, value, and well-being. Google it yourself and you’ll see what we mean. Ed, Rich, and the Immersyve team harness this model and fuse it with leading-edge market research in order to:

    • Train you in the core principles of motivation, basic need satisfaction, and sustained engagement, and how these principles specifically apply within your domain (e.g. health care, entertainment, education, management)

    • Provide you with the best (and worst) case examples of how to engage and motivate your target audience in order to achieve desired goals and avoid motivational pitfalls.

    • Work directly with your team – including program developers, designers, marketing, and communications professionals – by rolling up our sleeves and tackling engagement strategies right along side you. We help optimize your content and product planning and align proven principles of motivation and engagement to the goals you have set.

Contact us to learn more about our consultative services, workshops, and training or to discuss our other services such as motivational design and customer experience research. Contact Us ›


Empower your organization with actionable data


Organizations need every advantage they can get to reduce risk and ensure success in their decisions over what to create and how to best offer it to their customers. Simply put, many times millions of dollars are at stake. And winning the lasting attention of customers has never been harder. At the core of winning or losing is knowing why your audience values what you are offering them. You need to know whether your offerings have true promise in meeting needs that will build loyalty and change behavior. In other words, you need to be measuring the deeper experience of your audience. Here’s the exciting part: You don’t need to rely on the opinions of a handful of customers in focus groups. You can measure the experience of customers more precisely, and at scale. After all, The strength of your customer experience should match the strength of your business intelligence data. Immersyve’s methodology ensures that you are best positioned for success. Contact Us ›



Unleash world-class Motivational Design


As anyone in development knows, it is always easiest to make the right design decisions at the early stages of a project, versus making changes late in the game. Over the last ten years, Immersyve has assembled a veteran team of developers, designers, and interactive architects who collaborate with clients like you to assemble designs, wireframes, and customer experience flows that have motivational science as an essential part of your project’s DNA. Because we have such a well-articulated model for both acquiring and retaining customers, we bring a unique approach to the creative process. Lets work together to win more audience, maximize value for each of your customers, and bring lasting engagement and behavior change. Contact Us ›


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